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Discussion Groups

Outsider Music - "The Outsider Music Mailing List is devoted to those songs that make you stop in dumbfounded wonder"

Sounds Scavengers - "The Sound-scavengers discussion list casts a naive, cynical, enthusiatic, analytical and intuitive eye on an open-ended spectrum of music not likely to be brought to light in more mainstream venues."

Everything You Know Is Wrong


Fortean Times - The world of strange phenomena

The Straight Dope - "Fighting ignorance since 1973 [it's taking longer than we thought]"

Urban Legends Reference Pages - it happened to my best friend's cousin's Aunt.


Big Star - links, links, and yet more links

John Cale - creating the drone

Dengue Fever - Pop and rock music from Cambodia via California.

Henry Flynt's philosophical writings.

The First Church of The Godz - ESP Records recording legends

Jandek - a guide to...

Kaleidoscope - dedicated to the innovative and eclectic sixties band.

Krautrock at PhinnWeb - "Unser Flug durch die Kosmische Musik"

Perfect Sound Forever - "The online music magazine with warped perspectives since 1993"

Silver Apples - official site for the electronic rock pioneers

Steve Peregrin Took's Domain - everything Tookie.

Ubuweb: Outsiders - Outsider music, art and literature

Unsung - Head Heritage's repository for lost and unchampioned rock'n'roll.

Richie Unterberger's homepage with articles, reviews and information by the Rock music historian/author

The Velvet Underground Web Page - the name says it all

Vinyl Vulture - A site for those of us who measure space and time by vinyl

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Pop Culture

Blaxploitation.Com - "dedicated to the folks who've had enough of the man"

Boing Boing - "a directory of wonderful things"

Ookworld - "eclectic sundries for the kulturally shellshocked..."

PopCult Magazine - "the obsessive journal of quality pop culture"


The Mr Smooth Show - provides the swankiest music for your bachelor/bachelorette pad

Space Bop - " Beyond kitsch, Space Bop is one hour of full galactical wonder, and can be heard every Sunday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm Eastern time (that's 21:00 to 22:00 in the U.K., and 22:00 to 23:00 in most of the rest of Western Europe)"

"Listen to the first recording of this LSD/Hashish/Fixy/Jointy Sound, Take a trip to your inner light. See the hallucinations of reality rise out of the groove. Join in... you've got your brainticket now! Hallelujah!" - liner notes to Brainticket's "Cottonwoodhill"