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Zonk-Machine! - the unofficial Spacebox/Uli Trepte pages


Recorded artifacts...

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This is not a catalogue, I can neither sell nor copy any of the recordings listed. If you are interested in obtaining any of the releases, please refer to the on-line retailers listed in the link section.

If you have any information regarding Trepte's recorded output [additions or corrections to the entries] please get in touch.

Guru Guru

UFO [Ohr Records Ohr OMM 56 005] Vinyl lp 1971

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Stone In/Girl Call/Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama/UFO/Der LSD-Marsch.

Mani Neumeier: Elektrische Trommeln, Cymbals, Gongs, Voice, Kontaktmikrofon, Tape/Uli Trepte: Bass, Verstärker, Mikrophon, Tonband, Transistor-Radio, Intercom, Mixer/Ax Genrich: Gitarre, Echogerät, Pedal

Notes: There has been various reissues over the years: Spalax, ZXY Music, etc.

Hinten [Ohr Records OMM 556 017] Vinyl Lp 1971

Tracks and Personnel

Electric Junk/The Meaning of Meaning/Bo Diddley/Space Ship

Mani Neumeier: Sounding Being, Zonk Machine, Electric Drums, Cymbals, Gong, Kontaktmikrofon, Rehfänger, Kalimba, Voice/Uli Trepte: Bass, Radio and Stimme/Ax Genrich: Gitarre, Stimme

Notes: various reissues over the years. Spalax currently has the title in its catalogue.

Känguru [Brain Records Brain 1007] Vinyl Lp 1972

Tracks and Personnel

Oxymoron/Immer Lustig/Baby Cake Walk/Ooga Booga

Mani Neumeier: Drums, Stimme/Uli Trepte: Bass, Stimme/Ax Genrich: Gitarre, Stimme

Essen 1970 [Garden of Delights CD 075] CD 2002

Tracks and Personnel

Stone In/Der LSD-Marsch/Bo Diddley

Ax Genrich: Guitar/Mani Neumeier: Drums and Vocals/Uli Trepte : Bass and Vocals

Notes: Recorded at the 3rd Pop & Blues Festivel in Essen, Gruga-Halle, October 22-25, 1970

Kickbit Information

Bitkicks [ATM Records.ATM 3823-AH]CD 1998

Tracks and Personnel

Psychedelic Review/Schnellbedienung/Hacksack-Serenade

Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar/Carsten Bohn: Drums/Willi Pape: Woodwinds/Otto Richter: Violin/Fritz Hegi: E-Piano

Notes: Recorded in Graue, Germany, February 22nd, 1975


Live. cassettes

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: unknown

Uli Trepte: Bass, Vocals, Spacebox

Notes: Two extremely limited cassettes were issued in the UK documenting solo Spacebox tours of 1975 and 1976. Ragdoll [Geoff Leigh and Catherine Williams] appear as guests on one number.

Spacebox [SP1] Vinyl lp 1979. 1000 copies.

Tracks and Personnel

Zonk-Machine/Sue Is Ein/Ich Bin Süchtig/Dapp-Da/Sing Sung Song/Tape Talk/Bassomat

Uli Trepte: Bass, Spacebox, Voice/Edgar Hofmann: Soprano Sax, Flute, Violin, Shenai, Nagaswaram, Mouth Organ/Julius Golombeck: Guitar/Winfried Beck: Drums, Congas/Lotus Schmidt: Drums, Gongs

Notes: A limited edition picture disc of 200 copies was released by the Up Art label [Up Art SP1 1979?]. CD reissue released by Captain Trip Records [Captain Trip CTCD-024. 1996]

Kick Up [SP 2] Vinyl lp 1984. 1000 copies.

Tracks and Personnel

Session Groove/ Blue Blues/Roundabout/Kick Up/Earmike Song/Intermodulator/Introfunction

Uli Trepte: Bass, Spacebox, Voice/Lotus Schmidt: Drums, Gongs
Julius Golombek: Guitar/Edgar Hofmann: Soprano sax,flute,Violin, Clarinette, Nagaswaram, Mouth Organ

Notes: CD reissue released by Captain Trip Records [Captain Trip CTCD-025. 1996]

Irene Schweizer Trio

Jazz Meets India [BASF SABA SB 15142] Vinyl LP. 1967

Tracks and Personnel

Information unavailable at this time

Early Tapes [Free Music Productions FMP 0590]Vinyl lp 1978

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Dollar's Mood/Attack/Pre Beat Conception/Don't Worry About/Hinten/Stop Twice/Sounds

Irene Schweizer: Piano/Mani Neumeier: Drums/Uli Trepte: Bass

Notes: Recorded January 26th, 1967, Munich by Willi Schmidt

Uli Trepte

Jazz Modalities [Nebula GN 0002] Vinyl lp 1991

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Screwbidoo/Sparse Blues/Play Song/Basic Basic/Reggae Blues/Footsie Wootsie/East 7th Street Blues/Close Hearing

Uli Trepte: Bass, Vocals/Edgar Hofmann: Saxes, Flute,Clarinet/Andy Kohlmann: Percussion/Hans Hartmann: Double Bass/Eric Balke: Alto and Soprano Saxes/Michael Clifton: Drums

Phenotype [United Dairies UDT 029]Cassette

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Unknown. Four with vocals and three instrumentals.

Uli Trepte:Bass, Vocals

Notes: Unreleased album. 25 copies of a promotional cassette were issued.

Real Time Music [ATM Records ATM 3820-AH] CD. 1996

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Psylomobil/Crosswise Blues/Skrupptie Wupptue/Player's Digest/Contact Blues/Cyclologie/Riff Blues/Rotarumpo/Basic Basic/Reggae Blues/Footsie Wootsie/East 7th St. Blues/Close Hearing

Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar, Vocals on Reggae Blues/Edgar Hofmann: Saxes, Clarinets, Flutes/Marika Falk: Stick + Brush Percussion, Dombak, Djembe, Tarabuka, Caxici/Andy Kohlmann: Percussion

Rollomat [Ordnung & Hartmann Records C3] CD 2004.

Tracks and Personnel

Jumpology/Rollomat/Rerun Blues/Westnik/Time Swing/Label Blues/My Blue Rhythm/Nordnik/Up Blues/Quick Pick/Proto Blues/Eastnik

Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar/Tapsi Kim: Djembe/Edgar Hofmann: Clarinets, Saxes, Flutes, Violin/Hans Hartmann: Chapman Stick/Chris Karrer: Violin

Uli Trepte's Move Groove

Groove Along With Dong [Overground Records OG 0010]CD. 1998

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Move Groove/Rucki Wucki/Staticsphere/Blockomock/Loose Groove/Sting Thing/Groove Along With Dong/Session Groove/Biribinker/Move Groove [short version]

Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar and vocals/Tapsi Kim: Djembe/Hans Hartmann: Chapman Stick/Edgar Hofmann: Clarinets, Saxes and Flutes/Arjopa: Voice

Staticsphere [Ordnung & Hartmann Records C1] CD 2000

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Rucki Wucki/Staticsphere/Session Groove/Crosswise Blues/Loose Groove/Groove Along With Dong/Screwbidub/Block Run

Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar & Vocals/Tapsi Kim: Djembe/Hans Hartmann: Chapman Stick/Edgar Hofmann: Clarinets, Saxes and Flutes

Notes: Recorded live September 9, 2000.

Uli Trepte Quintett

Multiphonic Music [Ordnung & Hartmann Records]. CD 2006

Tracks and Personnel

Point Point/Rollingo/Stream Blues/Groovorama/Resolution Blues/Night Mood/Monorism/Dance Blues/Bounce Groove/Giant Blues

Edgar Hofmann: Clarinets/Saxes/Flute
Geoff Leigh: Flutes/Soprano Sax
Hans Hartmann: Double Bass
Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar
Tapsi Kim: Djembe

Notes: Recorded August, mixed October 2005 at Edgar Hofmann's studio, Egloffstein, Germany by Edgar Hofmann.

Takes On Words

Yestermorrow Songs [Ordnung & Hartmann Records C2] Cd 2001

Tracks and Personnel

So many Faces/Here Comes The Music/Listen Girl/Single Song/Der Gott Der Stadt/Verzweiflung/Die Dämmerung/Weltende/Living In The Robot/Money Is The Gate/The Empire Of The Dead/The Poetical Multiverse

Aja: Vocals/Uli Trepte: Bass Guitar, Vocals and Backing Vocals/Tapsi Kim: Djembé/Ben Waalwijk: Keyboards, Drums and Backing Vocals/Wally Tax: Mouth-Harp and Vocals/Paul Van Goudoever: Cello/Julian "Gordo" Content: Guitar/Shuuraai Bambazogt: Horse-Head Fiddle/Louis Niënhuis: Guitar/Rudy Hofman: Wash Board and Dobro/Childee Palanjav: Overtone Singing/Lila Cavaleiro: Background Vocals

Notes: Recorded and mixed by Dolf Planteijdt in Nov/Dev 2000 at "Het Koeienverhuurbedrijf", Pumerland, Holland. Liner notes by Aja and Uli Trepte

Incredible World [Ordnung & Hartmann Records C5] CD 2007

Tracks and Personnel

My Walkman and Me/Always on the Move/Prisoner of State/Flow Go/Zoo School/Living Long the Right Line/We are Water/The Wind is My Friend/Die Schwalbenhode/Das Knie/Opus Null/Ode An Singer

Aja Waalwijk: Vocals/Ui Trepte: Bass Guitar and Vocals/Edgar Hofmann: Alto-Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Violin and Nagaswaram/Ben Waalwijk: Keyboard/Tapsi Kim: Djembe

Various/Split Albums

Guru Guru/Uli Trepte: self-titled [ATM Records ATM 3815-AH]
CD. 1995

Tracks and Personnel

Tracks: Der LSD Marsch/Bo Diddley/United Dish/Sitting In The Sun/White Line Fever/Ear-Mike Song

Tracks: same as "Hot On Spot/Inbetween" with the addition of a live version of Der LSD-Marsch by Guru Guru [recorded in 1972].

Notes: A reissue of the United Dairies album with an additional track and different cover art. German and English liner notes by Trepte.

Guru Guru/Uli Trepte:Hot On Spot/Inbetween [United Dairies UD024]Split vinyl lp.

Tracks and Personnel

Bo Diddley [Guru Guru]/ United Dish/Sitting In The Sun/White Line Fever [Trepte].

Guru Guru: Mani Neumeier: Drums/Uli Trepte: Bass, Vocals
Ax Genrich: Guitar

Uli Trepte session: Uli Trepte: Bass, Vocals, Cass, Perc/
Roman Bunka: Guitar, Vocal, Perc/Christian Burchard: Drums, Marimba, Piano, Perc/Willi Pape: Sax, Flute, Perc/Rosy Rosy: Vocal, Perc

Notes: Guru Guru side was recorded live 1972. Unknown source and location.. Uli Trepte side was recorded and mixed July 74 at Conny's Studio

Various: Mitten Ins Ohr [Ohr Records OMM 2/56 018] Double lp 1971

Tracks and Personnel

Electric Junk by Guru Guru

Sampler which also includes tracks by Amon Düül, Floh De Cologne, Embryo, Anima-Sound, Annexus Quam, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, Xhol and Limbus

Various: Ohrenschmaus [Ohr Records OMM2/56 006]Double lp. 1970

Der LSD-Marsch by Guru Guru

Ohr label sampler which also contains tracks by Embryo, Amon Düül, Tangerine Dream, Witthüser & Westrupp, Limbus and Floh De Cologne

Various:Umsonst und Draussen 78 [Umsonst und Draussen] Double vinyl lp set

Tracks and Personnel

A double album of concert recordings which includes a live version of "Tapetalk" performed by Spacebox. The set also includes material from Embryo, Munju, Out of Focus, Checkpoint Charlie, Missus Beastly among others.

Various: The World of Krautrock [ZYX Music ZYX 11050-2] Double CD. 1997

Tracks and Personnel

Three Guru Guru numbers: Electric Junk/Der LSD-Marsch/Bo Diddley

Notes: Budget compilation which also features tracks by Birth Control, Wallenstein, Bröselmaschine, Holderlin, Walpurgis, Popol Vuh, Withüser & Westrupp.

"On UFO, riffs grind out like Kraut-Sabbath and remedial solos are sustained whilst the drums, at times, move into free-jazz territory so totally at odds with everyone else that it's a beserk and head-detuning moment"

Julian Cope in "Krautrocksampler - One Head's Guide to Great Kosmische Musik - 1968 Onwards"

First album