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Zonk-Machine! - the unofficial Spacebox/Uli Trepte pages


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-Official Sites-

Uli Trepte - the official site

Guru Guru - the official homepage


ATM Records

Captain Trip Records

Eurock - Publication, mail order service and much more

Forced Exposure - distribution and retailer

Doug Larson Imports - Progressive and psychedelic rock on cd

Ordnung & Hartmann Records - MP3 samples of Uli Trepte's Takes on Words and Staticsphere

Ultima Thule - Record shop & mail-order, CD label, Audion Magazine, etc.


Guru Guru reviews at Progweed

Julian Cope's Head Heritage/Unsung website

Guru Guru at Néosphères

Krautrock @ PhinnWeb

KrautrockII - a discussion board for all things Krautrock and Kosmische

Up-Tight - Cult Figures and Unknown Legends discussion group

Uli Trepte at Wikipedia